Who's playing tonight?


  • Envisioning
  • Wireframe Design
  • Visual Design
  • Prototyping
  • Front-end Development
  • Rails Development

Solving a simple problem

Atndr sets out to solve a very simple problem, "Whats playing near me tonight?". Many services try to provide a full view of the nightlife/live concert scene, but many fail if you are interested in music outside the top 40. We teamed with local business people and a crack team of designers/developers to help address this problem in Seattle and San Francisco.

8:00pm Friday night, what do you want?

We worked hard to turn the guidelines we had into a complete set of guiding principals and questions that we would use to further refine the requirements of the product. These guiding questions would become the foundation which the rest of the project would rest. This process consisted of out user experience designers starting with some broad generalizations, then taking those assumptions to friends, family, and colleagues to prove/disprove them. Call it hacking the user interview process, call it being resourceful, all we know is we have patient friends.


After our informal interviews, we spent time collecting data from more random sets of people, again proving our idea before we set out in photoshop or started writing code. After we were fairly certain we had an engaging, unique product, we went about building wireframes and prototypes. We were able to prototype a functional user interface and pull in available api data in under a week. We the were able to quickly modify and test any tweaks we had to the overall interface, as well as apply design changes to an existing product, rather than to a static image

Its alive!

Building out a set of complex machine-learning scripts allowed us to read the relevant listings and services for each city we were operating in. This allowed us to gain a very complete picture of the live bands/djs/events in town each night. We faced many challenges around normalizing many disparate data sources, but came up with elegant, workable solutions to ensure clean, standardized data.

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