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How we do it


Summit is a company built around showing you how it feels to work with an integrated technical partner, from start-to-finish. Integrating with you early on allows us to experience the environment you operate in, and ultimately lets us design and build with a much deeper understanding of what success looks like for your project.


We pride ourselves on sitting in brainstorming sessions, sketching on napkins, and then backing those early ideas up with rock-solid execution. You won't see eight people in a conference room, you'll see two or three very smart, invested people who's only goal is to understand and help ensure your projects success.


We start with a quick and functional version of your idea that allows you to prove you concept and user experience. You'll be interacting with your project very early on. The feedback and rapid turn-around times this allows lets us give much more value for our time, as well as speeding up development

Refine & deliver

Prototypes will grow into your final product and we start putting the final polish on all the interactions and user interface details that might have been rough in the prototype. We finalize on the minute details of the design and content. This process is backed up by rigorous quality assurance and testing.

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